Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August Awareness | Things that make me happy! :)

Hello my Leaves!

Happy Wednesday! How are you today? Are you enjoying August Awareness?

After all this talk about fears and phobias (see last post) I decided it was time to cheer up again :) As well as knowing your weaknesses, it’s always good to be aware of your strengths and what helps you to maintain/strengthen them :)

Today’s post is, quite simply, about things that make me happy. These are my top 5 things that are ALWAYS guaranteed to make me perky again :)

1. Houdini

An obvious one to start with… my hamster!!

Houdini at 2 months :)

Houdini was born in January 2012 and has lived with me since he was five weeks old! He has his own personality and loves to snuggle up in between hunting for food and exploring my rooms (we’ve lived in at least four different places in the last few years). He always seems to know when I need a chuckle and I’ve walked into my room countless times now to find him sat on his ladder staring at me with his cheek pouches stuffed full of food! He shares my love for cucumber and has only bitten someone twice in his life! :) He reminds me that, at the end of the day, life doesn’t have to be about possessions. As long as you have food, water and shelter you can be content. Focus on the bigger picture, not the the infinitesimal details. 

2. Autumn

As my blog name suggests, I love Autumn. I find the wind very refreshing after a stuffy summer and feel as though it takes all my worries and fears away from me. I love watching all the leaves change colour and try to get plenty of photos whilst they’re still crispy! Autumn also brings Bonfire Night in the UK and I love nothing more than going and watching the fireworks with the people I love. It’s so satisfying to see something hold the attention of a vast crowd. Where adults revert back to being children, just for the display. Houdini isn’t the biggest fan of the fireworks but he gets extra treats that day so it’s all good in a hamster’s world :)

3. My Laptop

I know this is, perhaps, a strange thing to have on my top five but I really do love my laptop. I had always told myself that once I had saved up x amount of money I would treat myself and buy a macbook. My laptop reminds me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. It also reminds me not to give up and give in to impulse buying, the reason I was struggling to save in the first place. I love having a motivational, achievable goal and my laptop motivation helped me to feel a bit more financially secure despite the changes I’ve had in my life this year. It’s also how I write all of my blog posts, so without my laptop there would be no Chez Autumn!

4. Being Creative

A perfect distraction, stress reliever for me is to have an outlet. The most favoured for me is to be creative! It doesn’t matter the time or materials I have to work with, I just go into my little world and get creative. I love to draw, sew, organise, dance and learn instruments. I’m not particularly good at any of them but I get a lot of satisfaction from doing any of the activities. I also like to try new things too and I’m currently trying to understand crochet… I’m failing abysmally but it’s still good fun to me!

5. Hugs

Last but certainly not least is hugs. Hugs can say so much in such a small time frame. Hugs can tell you someone’s feelings, when they may not be able to express them. They reassure you that everything will be OK. They remind you that there are priorities in life and you should always live for the now. I love hugs, I’m a tactile person but no matter how stressed I am, a good bear hug will take a large chunk of it away! 

So, those are my top 5 things that make me happy, what are yours? Do you have any goals that you want to achieve at the moment? How are you finding it?

As always you can contact me on here or send me a question/comment on twitter (@chezautumn) :)

Make your own choices!

Toodlepip x