Sunday, 21 September 2014

Inspiration September | My Bedroom (After)

Hello my leaves, how are you this Sunday?

I am so happy to be able to show you this today :) My room down south is complete :) yippee!

It's taken me some time to do as I work full time but I hope you're as happy with the result as I am xD

Wall One

Ok, so maybe it's not completely finished yet as I need to find some curtains but that could take months knowing my indecision xD The colour of this wall is called Autumn Grove which I thought was appropriate :) It turns to a nice mossy colour at night and in the day has dappled patterns on it with the light through the trees outside. Houdini is in the corner next to the wardrobes so he gets the fresh air whilst still being hidden in the shade. There have been a few times so far where he climbs up to stare at the window, looking for predators,  but he's content to go about his business as usual :)

Wall Two

Looking at the difference between the walls like this is so strange, I'd forgotten that I had changed the layout of my bed, it was so long ago. I love the triptych I have on the wall of an autumn sunset that was painted by a friend a few years ago, this photo does it no justice. I replaced my old, well travelled, pine bed too with the Darla double bed from Argos. The bedding was from TKMaxx, you can get some great bargains on Egyptian Cotton there. On the bed I have my pillows (featured in last Sundays post) and a throw from Ikea which follows on the mossy, cosy feel.

Wall Three

The final wall, unless you count the wardrobes which haven't changed at all. The colour is Norwegian Wood and I think it goes well with the green without looking too akin to a chocolate lime ^^ One thing I learnt from decorating this wall is that plasterboard and floating shelves are an absolute nightmare and that it will influence me to change from wanting two shelves to one xD I've already shown you my desk but now you can see how it all looks together :)

Sooo... what do you guys and gals think? :) Does it come close to the drawings I did a while back?

Maybe not, as I didn't paint a tree but there's still time :) I even almost got the cushions right xD

There's a few more little details I want to do but they're all long term ideas :) Do you have any suggestions for me? My next project is to sort out the mess that I try vainly to call a wardrobe :)

Make your own choices.

Toodlepip x